Hi my name is Bryan Theriault, I have A.D.H.D. I am 14 Years old....I was diagnosed with A.D.D. When I was in grade 5. I olny started to take pills When I was in grade 7. Now in grade 10 I find that the pills do wonders for my brain. hehe

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The Answers to all the Questions

-What I wanna do when I grow up
Be an Adult

-What I remember about being told I was A.D.H.D.
Well...not much.....i went into some doctors office..played with some toys.....and he talked to my mom and we left..... cool eh...(:

-What I thought about having to go for tests
I had to go fo0r tests?

-What I think About taking meds
It is alright....sometimes i forget tho...

-The Bull my mom says I went through before i was diagnosed
I cant remember about this one....

-My really cool teacher when I was diagnosed and some stuff she did for me

-Junior High/Middle School-The School And My Experiences
Junior High Was cool....

-Making Friends
well...it was hard to make friends in elementary....but not in junior high or high school...

-My struggles at home
sometimes i used to fight with my brother,...

-My thought About going into High School
High School RULES